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The White Elephant in the Room

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

I saw a white elephant on the news They said we were racist in our views And then I heard something pretty shady People were crying racism with Tom Brady His name might be listed in the white pages But I don't understand why the left rages

Crying racism for everything, a great divider Are you "racist" at White Castle eating a slider? Will I falsely be called racist? I just might Especially if I choose to eat my egg whites What about Vanna or Betty White? Are they called racists? That's not right

Heard some paranoid lady just got a divorce Because her man came riding in on a white horse Is a white lie a white man's sin? Does a white tie event have a racist spin? I was putting white pepper on my white potatoes Thinking being called racist just ain't Bueno

Forgive me if this is a dumb question or if I'm in the dark But do people cry racist over Great White Sharks? In their mouth those sharp teeth can bite But do they eat people because they are white? Over in Scotland when they wear those kilts Do they struggle with their own white guilt?

Printing in my office with some white paper Looked out the window and saw a white vapor And when I saw the white cloud over that vapor I thought maybe I should write down my thoughts on paper See what if I have too many white blood cells? What if on the beach I only find white shells?

At the zoo I saw a white polar bear Is he called a racist? Is that fair? Maybe this poem makes you chuckle But I'm writing these thoughts with white knuckles I'm trying to be witty but not trying to be whitey But we were all created by God Almighty

Really what is a woke white man? Can someone tell me if you can? Wake me up if I need to be woke But I drink my Coke and think this is a joke Did some weed some woke people smoke? Or is it a fight they are trying to provoke?

This poem is not a white trash knowledge dump And I do realize white men can't jump If you say, "Look whitey quit trying to be witty" Ok ok I'm almost done with my ditty I'm not trying to be all doom and gloom I'm just addressing the white elephant in the room

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