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The Will of Will

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

There once was a man named Will

Overall he was pretty chill

But Will had a very strong will

A will to do his own will

He had a calling to fulfill

But Will desired Easyville

He desired an excitement thrill

He wanted to be of the mountain hill

So Will chose not to sit still

Will left the path of God's will

The will that should have been for Will

He used to pray not my will

But yours be done still

But now his ground he did not till

So the Spirit did not refill

This is the sad story of Will

Not willing to do God's will

But only doing the will of Will

Like Will we have our own free will

The "Spirit walk" we can choose to kill

We can desire to do God's will

Or have a walk with God that is nil

There's not always a view from the hill

Valleys are God's plan for us still

But if we are willing to do His will

Through suffering and hardship still

In our hearts His Spirit will come and refill

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