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The Worst Bands of All Time

Look I'm not really a doomsday prepper

But I really cannot stand the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Before you interrupt me and tell me to hush

I also can't stand that stupid band Rush

You can sue me for defamation, go get a lawyer 

As long as you don't torture me with that song "Tom Sawyer"

Then there are fanatics all across this land 

Who somehow worship the Dave Matthew's band

I wouldn't go to their concert if it was free 

I wouldn't get excited if they "crash into me"

On my Spotify playlist I will lack

That annoying group called Nickleback

I see Nirvana shirts near and far 

I'm not judging they can "come as they are"

But Nirvana on my play list you will not find

I could say a lot more but Nevernind

Then I hear that 80's band Mister Mister

I think I would rather kiss my sister 

Then there is Culture Club and Air Supply

I think I would choose to rather die 

My words you hear you may not heed

But please don't play around me any song from Creed

Listening to them is not how I'm coping

I really despise them "with arms wide open"

Then there is that band Blink 182

His nasal singing voice just will not do

Say it ain't so, I will not go

Please turn that song off, carry me home

Listening to these bands should be a crime

For they are some of the worst bands of all time 

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