• Edward Riederich

They Sang Louder

In Germany, during World War II, an elderly man weeping told this story. Every Sunday morning the train would go by his church bringing Jews to concentration camps.

He said, "Their screams tormented us. . . If some of their screams reached our ears we would just sing a little louder." He went on to say, "I can still hear that train whistle in my sleep. I can still hear them crying out for help. God forgive all of us who called ourselves Christians, yet did nothing to intervene."

The church heard the cries without a doubt But they sang louder to drown them out They heard the screams, the sorrow, the pain That poured forth from the passing train They sang louder in an attempt to ignore They sang louder to drown out the war The Jews passed by destined to death Yet the church sang louder with every breath In our land today there is so much trouble We cannot ignore it and stay in our bubble We cannot bury our head in the sand We must grieve for our broken land The church today must make their choice Whether to sing louder or to be a voice

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