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Things NOT to say with liberal family members in attendance at your Thanksgiving dinner

-Is there any pork in those beans like the pork in that infrastructure bill? (Fake laugh following)

-Please pass those redskins potatoes

-See my border wall of mashed potatoes. It keeps my food from touching

-I prefer baked potatoes only. I have now become an anti-masher

-Man, look at how much stuffing is in this turkey. This reminds me of the turkey you voted for and how much stuffing is in him. By the way, who put that stuffing in him?

-(With a mouthful of turkey) Soooo who watched the Rittenhouse trial last week?

-Let's go around the table and say something we are thankful for or not thankful for about this current administration

-Please pass the green beans uh no offense to black beans (Fake laugh following)

-So how did Biden's colonoscopy go?

-It's sad we all lost Aunt Didi a month ago. Will she still be voting Democrat now?

-I heard the Lions play today, speaking of lyin how about Dr. Fauci?

-Before I say grace, does anyone have a problem with Critical Grace Theory?

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