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Three Feet From Gold

During the gold rush, a young man was mining for gold for months. He found no gold so he decided to quit. He sold all of his equipment to a "junk man". The "junk man" sought counsel prior to start digging only to find out that gold would be found three feet from where the previous miner had stopped. He was right. The first miner was literally three feet away from striking gold before he quit. 

During the gold rush 

A man was told 

If you will search 

You will find your gold

He came there excited 

He willingly took the risk

But with his searching 

He gave up quick 

He sold everything 

He gave up in haste

He thought his searching 

It was all a waste 

The next man searched 

In spite of what he was told 

He dug three more feet 

That's when he found gold

Prayer can be like digging 

But there can be delay

Do we give up searching 

When we are three feet away

We can miss out on blessings 

Some that can be big

Because we give up too quick 

And we neglect to dig 

At times prayer can be mundane 

When we see nothing new

But we have to keep praying

Until we press through 

In your waiting on God

Don't let your love grow cold

For you just might be

Only three feet from gold 

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