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Tossing Rocks at the Hornets Nest

(A poem about Biden's comments about Putin where he said Putin was a "killer")

Who is that tossing rocks?

Not thinking when he talks

That target is not the best

Tossing rocks at the hornets nest

Hey buddy quit tossing those rocks

About Russia and Putin no more talks

You may feel safe 20 feet back

But those hornets can reach us for an attack

Please quit aggravating their queen

If you understand what I mean

Hornets gather on the outside of their nest

Just put the rocks down and give it a rest

In unison these hornets flap their wings

Drop the rocks and quit saying these things

We all know you are a big left winger

But see Russia will actually use their stinger

Please think before you use your tongue

Before you cause us all to get stung

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