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Traveling to Pennsylvania to See My Daughter at College and Passing Through Numerous Tolls and then Receiving a Ridiculous Bill in the Mail for $87 and I Never Even Got to See Gettysburg

In my Civic

A 10 hour drive

In autumn

Through the country

Rolling hills 

Of golden yellows

Orangey reds 

Warm greens

Through these hills 

I pass through tunnels

Tunnels lead to tolls

For whom the bell tolls 

Time marches on

For when the state tolls

My money is gone

Three tolls

Have taken their toll

It's highway robbery

In Octollber 

I pay a price

To see these painted hills

The elevation

Of the Appalachians

Requires a king's ransom

By the toll reaper

Will I ever see Gettysburg?

Time will toll

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