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Trip to the Amazon

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Not loading the car Not boarding a plane Not much to do In the December rain

No journey through a jungle No floating down a river Just clicking with my thumb And magically they deliver

Booking my ticket Taking this trip Just sitting at my desk And soon arrives the ship

In my remote jungle I just get to chill Navigating my way Far away from Brazil

On this trip I might seem uncivil When I do 360"s In my chair that swivels

Won't be floating down a river On some sketchy logs Don't see any jaguars Or any poison dart frogs

On this special trip I don't leave the area And I won't get yellow fever And I won't get malaria

No prickly plants No bullet ants No Amazon tribes Not wearing pants

See where I journey I get to pick Picking my travel plans With just one click

I don't see any snakes No electric eels But a van will show up Part of the package deal

See sorry if I haven't said much Or if I seem withdrawn I'm just buying souvenirs On my trip to the Amazon

My special vacation You might think I'm tripping But I have to keep exploring When I get free shipping

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