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Tunnel Vision

I enter the train tunnel

I walk the long journey 

The sun goes black as I enter 

The temperature drops as light disappears on a sunny day

The air becomes damp and moist

Tunnel vision in the tunnel of life

Echoes ricochet as I speak

Echoes speak but echoes don't listen

Echoes never contribute to the conversation 

It's as if a programmed robot was speaking from the walls

A copycat voice but no heart 

I hear a croaking frog 

She is content in her solitude 

The spectator frog of my life 

A voice but just background noise 

A sound there for a moment and then that sound grows fainter in the distance 

I hear water drops splashing on the tracks 

But darkness is all I can see

A darkness so thick I can't see my hand in front of my face 

Darkness is part of the journey but only a part of it 

In the distance I see a speck of light 

The sun will shine again

I was born for the light not for the tunnel

I refuse to get trapped in the tunnel 

Sucked into a depressing funnel

The tunnel has a purpose 

It brings me through the mountain 

It's a path though it is one of darkness 

That path will lead to light again

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