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Two Feet Under

Two Feet Under

I stepped into my truck

I smelled a bad smell

But where it came from

I could not even tell

It smelled like fruit 

It smelled like cheese 

I smelled it rising 

From below my knees

What is that stench?

From below my seat

Oh now I understand

The smell is my feet 

Sometimes with my daughter

I'll tell you what I do

I offer her one dollar

If she will smell my shoe

Usually she declines

And has no jubilation

I really need to pay more

Especially with inflation

I pulled the truck over

And did some parking

I had to pull off my shoes

Because my dogs were barking 

Then it got worse 

I struggled to breathe

The stench was so bad

You just wouldn't believe 

I have good hygiene

So why do they stink? 

What is my problem?

What do you think?

I pulled off my socks 

On my feet you could tell

A mushroom was growing

A visible Morel

I picked the mushroom

Please don't be a hater 

I'll mix it in a casserole 

And I'll eat it later 

These stinky feet

Have given me the blues

But it's probably time 

To throw away these shoes

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