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Unique as Breakfast Tacos

Jill Biden said Latinos are as "unique as breakfast tacos" at an event in San Antonio. I heard Hispanics are like breakfast tacos It made me hungry so I ate some Nachos Can someone please have Jill explaino? I thought her comment was no bueno I'm sure she offended one sad senorita Would she say the middle east is like a pita? What will she say next or is she sorry? Is Australia like a shrimp on the barbie? What is going on in her speech writer's brain She can't be saying the Chinese are like Chow Mein They need to change the speech writing personnel Before she says Columbians are like the drug cartel Get that teleprompter to change in a hurry Or she will be saying Indians are like chicken curry Now I am craving some delicious Naan bread And I hope you are not offended by what I said

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