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America in the Balance

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Help me to see, land of liberty America's written story Men have trod with help from God Faithful for old glory

Through the flood men spilled their blood Though sinking in the mire Through every war, shaken to the core We walked right through the fire

Forgotten our Maker, Freedom takers Silencing our free speech Unbalanced measure, succumb to pressure Pandering to every leech

I think of the past, how long will we last? That is a haunting mystery Led now by fools, brainwashed schools Erasing our history

Are any hearing to be God fearing? Time will only tell The hour demands that we must stand To save us from our Hell

Yet through Hell there is a well God's Spirit will be our water To fear don't give way but only pray For our sons and daughters

In this hour we need God's power We cannot live to please us For our survival, we need a revival And a turning back to Jesus

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