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Using Algebra 1 to Determine Proper Vaccination Status

Using Algebra 1 to Determine Proper Vaccination Status

9 = 3 + x/4

You have your 9 boosters which equals 3 masks + x/4 vaccines X marks the shot over 4 vaccines.

You need to subtract your 3 masks and isolate or "quarantine" the vaccines.

Subtract your 3 masks from your boosters.

9= 3 + x/4

6= x/4

Those in charge want to divide so you have to multiply.

Let’s take 6 x 4 which equals 24.

Now you take 24 which is your Australian number of boosters/Fauci recommended boosters divided by 6 which is your CDC recommended number of boosters. That gives you 4 total of actual boosters needed.

If you are getting this, great job! Let’s try one more problem.

3x masks + 5 vaccines =17 boosters

First, we need to remove the 5 vaccines and subtract the boosters from the vaccines. That leaves us with only 12 boosters. My arm is already feeling not as sore. 12 boosters seem like a very reasonable number.

Next, get rid of your masks which seems like we should have done a long time ago. Well, celebrities and politicians get rid of them all the time. Just look at the Super Bowl. It’s just the kids in schools that are stuck being forced to wear them.

Then take your 12 boosters divided by your 3 quarantined masks. 3 masks can also be two masks and 1 visor. You end up with 4 boosters actually needed.

So, if you are an eighth grader doing this problem you would not get rid of your masks and therefore would need 12 boosters instead of 4. If you are a celebrity or politician then you would need 0 and the media will cover for you.

If you got this, great job class! Hopefully, next time we can move on to using Pre-calculus to figure out how Canada comes up with their lockdown restrictions.

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