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Walking the Taxiway

At a small airport in Ritzville, Washington on 9/5/22

I walked the taxiway, not a plane in sight 

I walked that taxiway in my darkest night 

With the dim blue lights on either side 

Under the Lord's wings I would abide 

My legs felt encircled by concrete

I walked by faith but I sensed defeat

26 steps followed by 26 tears 

26 minutes felt like 26 years 

At that moment it seemed that time did stop 

As deep inside my broken heart would drop 

Dead and dry grass was lying all around 

Not even a lone sparrow made a sound 

It's like heaven stopped and listened to me 

I was not hidden to Jesus you see 

I walked slowly and stared blankly ahead 

When all that surrounded myself was dead 

Many cracks I noticed in the pavement 

There were cracks in my voice as I would vent 

These rivers of sorrow filled up my eyes 

As a kernel falls to the ground and  dies 

I walked the taxiway, not a plane in sight

I walked the taxiway in my darkest night 

At that airport in that forgotten ghost town

I determined trials would not take me down

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