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We Need a Micaiah!

(1 Kings 22)

There were 400 prophets of lies But one true prophet did arise Outnumbered 400 to one Yet Micaiah chose not to run

He did not prophesy to please the king He did not waver in the word to bring He did not preach what people wanted to hear He did not water down the word out of fear

There the king sat on his throne But Micaiah chose to stand alone No supporters and no fan base With only opposition in his face

False prophets prophesied with a lying spirit Micaiah spoke and they didn't want to hear it He warned a nation on the brink of war Warned of disaster though they did ignore

Oh how we desperately need a Micaiah Or an Ezekiel or a Jeremiah A watchman who will use their sword Choosing to walk in the fear of the Lord

Search the nations among young and old Is there one like Micaiah so bold? As our nation from righteousness departs Micaiah's will arise and pierce the hearts

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