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Weekend at Biden's

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Biden, Biden, Where you been hidin'? In your basement watching Judge Judy In your office playing Call of Duty?

Let me take you on a left wing journey Prop him up like Weekend at Bernies Weekend at Bernies part 2 Advertising him on "The View"

Biden as Bernie, is he alive? Hold his hands while he drives Did the Democrats pick the very best? He won't even take a cognitive test

Is he a man or is he a muppet? Pull the strings of the puppet Pull the strings. Make him walk Push the button. Make him talk

Sorry, I can't help but laugh Every speech, gaffe after gaffe Wake me up before you vote Joe Joe Don't want to be hanging on like a yo yo

Joe and Jill went up a hill To fetch a pail of water Joe forgot Jill, came down the hill Then thought she was his daughter

Kamala for VP, have to make a pun Will Joe now be riding shotgun? From your basement we need an update Biden will you be hidin for the debates?

You won't mention this in your campaign But Hunter's been hunted in the Ukraine Joe, in your past were you an abuser? Kamala says she believes your accusers

Here comes the champion of the left wing All men and women created equal, you know the thing Joe, sometimes you say things not so bright Like poor kids are just as smart as kids that are white

When you said this comment I thought you were done You said I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun The kids were rubbing those legs that were hairy That's slightly creepy and a little scary

Get rid of fossil fuels? Switch us to solar? You are a "lying, dog-faced, pony soldier!" To rioters, you are all the rage Antifa has you on their home page

Biden, Biden, you can stay hidin' Our country you should not be guide-n' Enough votes for Joe or is America woke? Because Biden for president is such a joke

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