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Welcome Home Moratorium

I wrote this a few weeks ago but now the Supreme Court finally blocked the eviction ban 6-3.

Who gave power to the CDC?

Maybe they should stick with HIV

Most of what they say is a contradiction

Now they protect from rent eviction?

Tell me who gave them this power?

When words they say change every hour

Most things they do are a blunder

Even changing some of the covid numbers

In Florida reporting 28,000 new cases

Then changed it to 15,000 to save their faces

Then changed it to 19,000 to meet in the middle

Figuring out the correct count we need a riddle

Does the CDC also run my HOA?

Can they fix the pool for which I pay?

Will they warn me about Ebola?

If I double mask in Pensacola?

Did we vote the CDC into power?

Before their words do we cower?

They may shut down every store and emporium

But hey to the lazy, welcome Home moratorium

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