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What About Biden?

(Inspired by the movie, "What about Bob?")

Baby steps out of the basement Baby steps it's not that hard Baby steps up the stairs Baby steps to the yard

Baby steps down the hall Baby steps for a hike Baby steps to the podium Baby steps to the mic

Next in our baby steps lesson Let's try to answer a question Here is an easy one from CNN Good job! Now let's try again

Mr. President we are so proud But here is the real kicker Can you answer a hard question? If you do you get a sticker

Ok let's try another question Something about law and order Can you tell us what you are doing? About the crisis at the border?

No no no where are you going? Uh baby steps at the mic stay Oh no he has been preprogrammed Baby steps he walks away

Baby steps get back here! The nation you are to be guiding! Baby steps he ignores us Baby steps back to hiding

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