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What Planet are They From?

In Alaska, a  man was shaving in a women's bathroom at Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness canceled the membership of the woman who reported the alleged trans member in the locker room. 

What is wrong with Planet Fitness?

I guess that is how they run their business

In the pandering business circle

I'm starting to see the color purple

A Fairbanks woman got herself banned

Because she objected to a man

Not just a man wearing perfume

A man that was caught in the women's locker room

Planet Fitness says it is a judgment free zone

Sounds like they judged a lady they did not condone

Men allowed in women's locker rooms?

It sounds like we are watching Looney Tunes 

To not stand for anything I guess that sells

Personally, I think the place is run by dumbbells 

At Planet Fitness you might see a man on the prowl

You might even see him walking around in a towel

Ladies, find another gym I am suggesting 

Maybe there they won't have a guy undressing

Diversity and pandering are their goals

But at least when you leave you get free tootsie rolls

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