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When God Spoke Through a Donkey

Numbers 22

There is a story in the Bible that is kind of wonky

It's a story about when God spoke through a donkey

This wasn't Eddie Murphy you may have heard on Shrek

This was an inspired donkey speaking God's word direct

The mad prophet disobeyed and neglected God's call

Then the donkey crushed the prophet's foot against the wall

The prophet got angry at his donkey like never before

Yet it was not a negative donkey, this wasn't Eeyore

The prophet struck him three times with his staff

But the donkey was a good donkey on his behalf

Then the donkey said, "Dude, what did I do?

I've never been in the habit of crushing your shoe

The donkey of circumstance was used by the Lord

See the angel of God stood ahead with a sword

Sometimes we are crushed by things to get our attention

Through them it can actually be divine intervention

God spoke more through that beast of burden

Than what you get nowadays in a Sunday sermon

Just like God spoke through a donkey in those days

Still God will speak to us through unusual ways


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