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When Larry Became Terry

There was a man who identified as non-binary

He had the face of a woman but yet he was hairy

He changed his name to a more neutral Terry

Though his name used to be called Larry

And don't even ask me about his trans-canary

All I know is he changed that birds name from Polly to Barry

He wanted to change poor Barry into a fairy

But he was waiting until Valentines in February

Now Terry lived in Indiana in the town of Gary

But he said that even that town identified as Mary

He lived in the changing world of non-binary

A world of pretend and changing the ordinary

I don't know if this guy ever did marry

Because he had some health issues and was allergic to dairy

His sensitive stomach was reactionary

If he went to Taco Bell he would get dysentery

So he soldiered on as non-binary

They wrote about it in his obituary

But one thing I know about good ole Terry

He lived in a world that was imaginary

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