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When Miracles Become Mundane

Manna from heaven was God's gift

But the people would soon complain

In no time the people would drift

Back to Egypt they wanted a lift

Soon the miracles became mundane

In their wilderness there was a shift

Turning back to Egypt in their hearts

Remembered the melons, leeks and fish

In the desert they chose to depart

In Egypt they wanted a fresh start

Leaving God's will for their own wish

A failed test on their grade charts

The miracle dried up their being

Now a burden was the blessing

With God they were not agreeing

In disobedience fleeing

For God's will they were just guessing

Revelation then, now not seeing

At their tents they wept and complained

Saying who will give us any meat

Comtinually drifting unrestrained

The wilderness journey disdained

Dreading the manna they had to eat

In Egypt they would rather be chained

Miracles can become boring

Miracles can become routine

God's way we can be ignoring

Missing the Spirit's outpouring

Not trusting in the way unseen

Crashing when we should be soaring

Keep rejoicing in your manna test

Thank Him for all He does each day

Praise Him when you are being pressed

Even through trouble God knows best

Throughout the long wilderness way

In faithfulness you will be blessed

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