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When Negative Nancy Meets Doomsday Prophet

There was a lady, her name was Nancy

She liked to dress just a little bit fancy

A miserable life she liked to live 

All that came out of her mouth was negative

One day as she walked down the street

An old doomsday prophet she would meet

All he spoke about was doom and gloom

You could find more life in a graveyard tomb

Nancy didn't mind that the prophet wasn't happy

For she lived her life being upset and snappy

Joy was something both of them lacked

Like the saying goes "Like spirits attract"

The prophet leaned a little legalistic 

While Nancy always chose to be pessimistic 

In that negativity they would both flounder

They seemed to attract every Debbie Downer

The doomsday prophet spoke of the end of the world 

His message was a magnet to this negative girl

Their cup was half empty, never half full

They seemed to enjoy dwelling in their depressing hole

Every year the prophet would prophesy in January 

Of apocalyptic things coming that are scary

He would say we are just a month or two away

And then years would go by and it would never happen today

Both lived their lives as a dirge and a lament

Mainly because both of them were discontent 

Neither of them did well at encouraging anybody

They confirmed the old saying, "misery loves company"

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