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When the Bitter Leads to Blessing

Ruth 1-2

When in life you experience the bitter 

One important thing you must consider 

Though painful trials can be distressing 

Sometimes the bitter will lead you to blessing 

Frequently God will delay to deliver 

His narrow road does not always glitter 

But we have to trust and not start guessing

When darkness all around us is pressing 

God's ways and His plans are so much bigger 

Still His light at times seems so much dimmer 

Though at intervals we can be stressing 

Yet step by step we are still progressing 

Naomi went through a time that was bitter 

Even in tough times she was not a quitter 

The loss of her family was depressing 

But it led her into amazing blessing 

Naomi could not view the whole picture 

But she would journey through this the victor 

And when you find yourself in times depressing 

By faith in Jesus keep on confessing 

To Bethlehem He led her in the bitter 

God saw her heart and she would not wither 

If you hold on to God through the distressing 

You will exchange the bitter for a blessing 

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