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Where are you Fitness?

(Sung to the tune of "Where are you Christmas?)

Where are you fitness?

Why can't I find you?

Why have you gone astray?

Where are the muscles?

You used to bring me

Why did they go away?

My belly's changing

I'm rearranging

Does that mean my fitness changes too?

Where are you fitness?

It's now December

This month makes me grow

I'm not the same one

See what time has done

Is this why you have let me go?

Christmas candy's here

Oh oh

Christmas cookies if you care


If there is love in your heart and your mind

You can feel like fitness all the time


I don't feel you fitness

I haven't found you

You seem to fade away


The joy of no fitness

Stays here outside us

Fills each and every gut

With blub

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