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Where art thou Good Employee?

Where art thou good employee?

Thou art hidden from me

Where art thou good employee?

Wither thou too lazy?

To see or not to see

That is the question

To get back to work

Yea that is my suggestion

Thy love hard work

Thy love work not

Thou hard earned paycheck

Thou hast not sought

Thy love thy unemployment

All that glitters is not gold

Betrayed by thy handouts

Which hath not been told

Wherewithal and where are all?

Are those who for jobs doeth fight

But now in the array of the internet world

All the youth art glued to Fortnight

Employee employee where art thou employee?

How hast thou paid thy rent?

Verily thy money will disappear

Soon is the winter of your discontent

Employee employee let down thy hair

Wilt thou be a loyal tech?

We looketh past thy drug convictions

And thy tattoos on thy neck

Wither ye, hither ye, slither ye Working is such sweet sorrow

Hast not another ither thee?

Wilt thou skippeth thy interview tomorrow?

Employee employee get out of thy chair Thou hast not brought good cheer

Time ticketh away in thy life

Thou sitteth too long on thy rear

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