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Where is Fauci?

Where is Fauci? where is Fauci?

At the Wuhan lab, at the Wuhan lab

He left with no warning. Very well, I thank you

Run away, run away

Where's his mask now? Where's his mask now?

I don't know, I don't know

He suggested two masks, now we wear no mask

He's insane, he's insane

I don't see him, I don't see him

On CNN, on CNN

And I don't see Coumo or Producer Griffin

Only Lemon, only Lemon

Can we shake hands? Can we shake hands? He said no, he said no He flip flops this morning. Very well, I thank you Now we can we hug, now we can we hug

Where is science? Where is science?

It changes, it changes

Covid is all over, there is an election

Right ahead, right ahead

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