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Where is the Client List?

Regarding the news report that Ghislaine Maxwell's cellmate was offered money to kill Maxwell. Excuse me, where is the client list? Tell me does this client list still exist? Is this something I have missed? Did the evidence get dismissed? Did the list someone intercept? Was there a horrible misstep? Under the rug was it swept? Was it swapped for Heard and Depp? So this client list goes unseen Covering up the crime scene With girls younger than sixteen Hiding the shameful list of Epstein A cellmate was offered a bribe To take out Ghislaine alive I get this weird creepy vibe We'll see if somehow she survives Someone somewhere has to explain Why aren't we hearing from Ghislaine? They must think we have no brain Who rode on that Epstein plane? It's not over, it's not too late Let's hear from her cellmate Let's be given the truth straight But the media allows no debate

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