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Wicked Tuna

(In response to the lab report that Subway tuna sandwiches contain no tuna fish DNA) I was reading in the Tribuna About Subway's lack of tuna The tuna sandwich they present Has a tuna rating of 0% Who is the CEO goon-a Who substituted that tuna? I wouldn't feed that fake tuna To a starving begging baboon-a I wouldn't serve it on the moon-a Or in the town of La Laguna I wouldn't eat it with a spoon-a I wouldn't eat in a balloon-a Not on a lun-a eclipse Not with a bag of chips Not with a cup of coke Is this a kind of tuna joke? Some people live in a cocoon-a And eat it the whole month of June-a But if you go there for lunch at noon-a You won't find me eating that tun-a Maybe in the future Subway will confess But go somewhere else if you want to eat fresh

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