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With Liberty and Pickleball for All

Move over football

Move over NBA

Move over March Madness

Pickleball is now the fastest 

Growing sport in the US

It has increased almost 200%

Since 2018

It's time to invest 

In pickleball stock

I found a stock out of Finland

And I invested in it and it already went up

Soon I will be rich 

A badminton court with a tennis feel

It's where ping pong and tennis collide

It's like chocolate and peanut butter 

It just works

I joined a pickleball league

Am I old?

Well, it IS gentle on your joints

I am in a pickle trying to do soft "dink" shots

What was I even dinking?

For years I would pong and ping

And ping and pong

Now I'm consumed with life size ping pong

I have wiffed at that wiffleball 

More than a few times

The rules say you have to stay out of the "kitchen"

Which is a box closest to the net

Even Harry Truman said, "If you can't stand the heat

Stay out of the kitchen"

I didn't realize he was talking about pickleball

In pickleball players are known as picklers

If a pickler loses a pickleball game

He has been pickled

If you have been pickled 

The players of pickleball

Are in a pathetic pickle

Peter picked a proper pickleball player

A pickled pickleball player Peter picked

If Peter picked a proper pickleball player 

Then where is the pack of pickled players

That Peter picked?

I probably won't go pro

But I am looking up strategies on You Tube

I guess it's time to splurge on that $200 paddle

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