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Wolves Snorting Quack

Humans have pushed wolves out of their habitat 

Now these wolves have resorted to "snorting quack"

Wolves had to move and grab their little pups

In their desperation they grabbed some quacking ducks 

As they succumbed to human pressures 

They held these ducks up to their nose for their pleasure 

These packs of wolves strewn out on our streets

Holding up ducks right next to their cheeks 

I'm not sure how long quack stayed in their system 

But they would overdose in their new addiction 

Snorting quack among wolves was gaining all the hype

Even one wolf developed a unique quack pipe 

The war on drugs we lost and we've been out of luck

Now do we even try to start the war on ducks?

Look at our politicians if you want to see a wolf pack

With their choices I have to wonder if even they snort quack

So if you ever see a wolf with a duck up his nose 

You'll remember this poem and how this problem arose 

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