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World War 2 Prayer Meeting

World War 2 Prayer Meeting

Rees Howells and the innercessors at Wales Bible College impacted World War 2 through fervent and persistent prayer. Prayer meetings were a daily event from 7pm to midnight and often later the students and staff would pray all night. 

Every week and often for days at a time there were whole days of prayer. God would lead them to pray for one or more aspects of the war. 

They prayed fervently for God to intervene at Dunkirk and the Holy Spirit came upon their prayer meeting and they knew God had done something supernatural.

Again, they prayed regarding the Battle of Britain. God showed Rees that he would protect the college from air attacks. They continued to pray and God intervened. After the war, Air Marshal Lord, Dowding Commander in Chief of Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain made this comment, "At the end of the battle one had the sort of feeling that there had been some sort of Divine intervention to alter some sort of sequence of events which would have otherwise occurred."

During the war God found some chosen vessels 

A group of innercessors who would wrestle 

A battle taking place behind the scenes 

Crying out to God was their daily routine

In war the enemy was caught unaware 

God had found warriors, God had heard prayer 

Through innercessors He always prevails

Hidden heroes at a small college in Wales 

They prayed with agony, they put in the work 

And they turned around the battle at Dunkirk

During D Day they prayed in their small groups 

They knew God was helping the allied troops 

From 7pm to midnight every day 

Innercessors would come to seek and pray 

Passionate persistent prayer to the core 

And through innercession it changed the war 

Today, most of these people remain unknown 

Yet they changed the world by praying alone 

At that obscure and remote college in Wales

They showed that passionate prayer never fails 

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