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Yakety Yak

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

(Remake of Yakety Yak song by The Coasters)

Take out the ballots and the trash Or Philly don't get no spendin cash Throw all the Trump ones on the floor And then say Biden got some more Yakety Yak don't count back

Mail in ballots to the back room Then give you the results on Zoom Get all the ballots out of sight Then go celebrate Friday night Attackety Tak you don't know jack

So grab those ballots where you sat And walk yourself to the laundromat There is a dumpster way out back Toss the votes in and throw out the cat Yakety Yak don't come back

In Milwaukee there's some crooks Out the back door ballots snook Just tell your hoodlum friends outside Dead people's votes we will hide Lackety lack all the facts

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