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Your Personal Road to Emmaus

Luke 24

Jesus promised not to betray us 

He delights to rescue and to save us 

He will show up on our life journey

Our personal road to Emmaus 

The word Emmaus, it means obscure 

In obscurity He helps us endure 

He listens to all of our reasonings 

He speaks to us when we are unsure 

Jesus listened to these two as they talked 

On this road of sorrow these men walked 

They felt discouraged and downcast 

On that Emmaus road Jesus taught 

As they walked with Jesus their pace slowed 

They arrived at a fork in the road

He acted as if He would go further 

But their hunger for Him overflowed 

On the Emmaus road there comes a day 

Where Jesus can leave or He can stay

We can be desperate to constrain Him 

Or we can choose to go our own way

But if we hunger for more of Him 

He will not leave us out on a limb 

He will come fellowship with us 

Even when all around us looks grim 

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