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Zombie Apocalypse

I spotted some zombies

I did not hear screams

But all of these zombies

Stared at their screens

It was not Bigfoot

Or hidden Loch Ness

It was tons of young people

Well that was my guess

You can locate these youth

All over each town

They do not look up

They stare at the ground

They walk into traffic

They scroll in a hurry

I'm getting concerned

I'm starting to worry

Zoning out unaware

Only using their thumbs

Lost in their own world

Self absorbed dumb dumbs

There would be unrest

On that horrible day

If one came and took

All their iPhones away

Lots of businesses

Are looking to hire

But we can't take away

This youth pacifier

Beware of these zombies

They won't see the cones

All they seem to see

Are the words on their phones

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