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Beggars Can Be Choosers

Regarding Seattle spending heavily to house the homeless in pricey hotels. Seattle spent $230 million to purchase nine hotels to house the homeless.

I saw a homeless man living in a tent

Actually in a luxury hotel is what I meant

You might see them at the Hilton you know

And the halls might smell like feet and b.o.

They will offer them a continental breakfast

But the pool area really won't smell the freshest

If you are at breakfast eating some watermelon

You might be sitting next to a convicted felon

Well you might see some garbage in the halls

And you might see some vandalism on the walls

There might be used needles by the pool

Don't step on them, that would not be cool

You may see them smoking their joints

While they collect their Hilton Honors points

They can stay at the Hampton and might not beg

And they can eat the omelets with fake egg

And if they get the Hilton Honors credit card

They can drink more alcohol in the courtyard

Seattle doesn't want these bums to feel shunned

But if I booked a stay here I would be bummed

I think they've given up the homeless battle

And so it goes again with liberal Seattle

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