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Don't Cave in Your Cave

Before David had become king

He needed his God to save

He sheltered under God's wing

But he had to dwell in a cave

In that empty cave, cold and damp 

Void of any heat and all light

That is the place where he would camp

That is the place where he would write 

He wrote Psalm 142

And he wrote Psalm 57

As the enemy would pursue 

David would cry out to heaven 

During the time of his hardest days 

This dark time had been appointed 

How perplexing are God's ways 

But he was still God's anointed 

And what he would write in the dark

Would soon come out into the light 

What he discovered left its mark

He then helped others and gave sight 

In our life caves can be unpleasant 

Hiding in one can be painful 

But we must trust God in the present 

For He grades us on being faithful

Will you fully trust God in your test?

Will you pass the examination?

He pushes us out of the nest

But never leaves our location

Before deliverance has risen 

And you're pouring out your complaint

Endure in your difficult prison

Trust His endless love and don't faint

Remain faithful in your dark cave

Even when you can't see what's outside 

God delivers and delights to save

A path to the light He will provide 

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