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For Such a Time as This

In this time of chaos One thing you cannot miss You are the light in the darkness For such a time as this

Our nation has turned to violence The riots are appalling But for such a time as this You will enter into your calling

Its not by accident you are here God has prepared you for this day Many miracles will happen For those that will believe and pray

From Portland to Indy From Spokane to Detroit God's people will be strong And do mighty exploits

Without God on this ship We would have no sail For such a time as this We will be strong and not fail

In these difficult times Hamans have arisen But they cannot stop The divine appointed vision

Trampling on what is right Evil seems to fester But in this hour God still has an Esther

For the Jews long ago The end was near But Queen Esther chose To not walk in fear

For such a time as this Esther's spirit woke Her words brought change To the nation when she spoke

Haman is here But the Esther company will arise To speak the truth And not compromise

So in this chaotic time It's not all happiness and bliss But know you are here For such a time as this

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