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Gas Shortage in Charlotte

Went down to Charlotte

It was a normal Sunday

But the very next day

It was a panic Monday

Over at a gas station

A lady make some clatter

She had liquid in plastic bags

I thought she had a big bladder

See that lady at the 7-11 Put gas in bags of plastic

I said whats up with that?

She thought it was fantastic

I'm like Yo lady

You need a gas can

Maybe use a cup

Or at least use a pan

I know you double bagged

And then tied it up

But how about a coke bottle

Or an empty slurpee cup

Now Charlotte has no gas

I wish people had thunk

Because all that precious gas

Is in that lady's trunk

Yes and in her trunk

Is probably a gas puddle

If she has any left

Will she even use a funnel?

Now all the rest of us Can't get gas no more Now that gas just sits Upon her garage floor

Those trunk gas fumes She will breathe all summer

And I guess that's what you get

For being a little dumber

Get me out of Charlotte!

Having no gas is a drag

Especially when one lady

Puts it all in plastic bags

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1 Comment

Dec 31, 2021

I remember seeing this in a Facebook post. I especially like your explanation!😆

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