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The Esau Generation

From my first book

Today in our nation

Stands an Esau generation

Impatient and demanding

Instant gratification 

Doing whatever feels right

Deciding with their eyes

And just like Esau of old

They choose what is not wise

For one single meal

Esau sold his birthright 

Left value for pleasure 

Nearsighted eyesight 

What was seen in Genesis

Is seen again in the present 

In our schools and colleges

In our youth and adolescents

A way that seems right 

They forsake all morality

In standing against evil 

They have chosen neutrality

The Esaus are everywhere 

Lines vanished in the sand 

Selfish and self seeking 

They fill up our land

Only living in the now

No thought to what was then

Veiled from true wisdom

Blinded again and again

They reject correction 

Experiment with pleasure 

No limits or boundaries 

No weights or measures 

Hidden are the Jacobs 

We only see Esaus

Throwing off all rules

Freedom from the laws

And in this crucial hour 

Stand up for what is right 

Don't become an Esau

Don't sell your birthright 

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