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Tickle Torture

Many preachers today aren't worth a nickel 

With watered down sermons and just a tickle 

In speaking on righteousness they seem fickle 

Hearing these discourses makes my skin prickle 

Magicians that make conviction disappear 

Fickle feathery fluff that tickles the ear 

Where is a prophet? Where is a pioneer? 

There is no more trembling and no more fear 

Tickle tickle each boring week after week 

Tickle tickle with soft messages they speak 

Tickle torture is not what I really seek 

Another series, a new tickle technique 

Tickle tickle it will make many giggle 

Tickle tickle in comfy seats they wiggle 

Yet the tickle message is artificial 

With bringing change not very beneficial 

There must be a strong message for the hour 

A message of the Spirit and of power 

Preaching words not too sweet and not too sour 

A message the hungry person would devour 

Please stop the torture, do not tickle me pink 

Let's be real, these diluted sermons stink 

From speaking against sin these pastors will shrink 

Yet man's wisdom and man's way is how they think 

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