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To Know God More

May I not refuse you who speak

May I hear you week after week 

May I not choose to do my own will

May your Holy Spirit come and fill

In this crucial hour we are in

Help me Lord overcome any sin

May I not make any excuses 

May I choose life your Word produces 

May I hear you when I'm alone

May your will become my own

In the darkness when I cannot see

Help me Lord to submit to thee

May I hate what is repulsive

May I not choose to be impulsive

May I know Your perfect ways 

May I serve You all of my days 

In this battle and this earthly race 

Help me hunger and seek after your face

May I long for you deep within 

May I not need your discipline

May I not question why trials happen

May I seek you with fervent passion

In these last days like never before

Help me Lord to truly know you more 

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