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A Dentist and Manicurist

A dentist and manicurist married

They fought tooth and nail

The weirdest part of it all

Is the dentist worked by braille 

See the dentist was blind 

And the manicurist smelled foul

But it just blows my mind

How the dentist did root canals

Sometimes when he numbed patients

The needle pierced their tongue

Sometimes you would hear screams

From patients that were very young 

But overall the dentist did ok

In his cool dark sunglasses 

But people started staying away

From this blind dentist in masses 

Maybe that is why this marriage 

Did not continue or endure 

The manicurist took one step ahead

Living pretty well on pedicures 

The blind dentist went under

He took time off and took a trip

Whats crazy is when he came back 

He became captain of a cruise ship

Somehow he steered a cruise ship

Somehow he did not fail

It really blows my mind

How good he was at braille 

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