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At a Crossroads

At the Crossroads church in Ohio one pastor kicked a Bible across the stage during their "super bowl of preaching" series. Another pastor recreated Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" by swinging across the stage. 

It's 4th down and church to go

In Cincinnati, church is a show

Crossroads declares church should be fun

I say from this megachurch run

Crossroads had their play by play announcers

And soon at church they will need a bouncer 

A referee and astro turf?

With church today what on earth?

What they preach does not convict

No wonder the Bible there was kicked 

It was their super bowl of preaching 

You couldn't pay me to hear that teaching 

Could someone please get on You Tube and look?

To see if Muslims kick their holy book

And hey let me ask this just for kicks

Do any Catholics kick their crucifix? 

And the Hindus in India and Nepal 

At their meetings do they sing Wrecking Ball?

And in Buddhist temples they construct

Do they start their meetings with Thunderstruck?

At Crossroads yes church is odd

Fun but lacking the fear of God

With people pleasing and all their aims

It's time for the church to stop playing games 

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