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Goose on the Loose

I saw this female goose 

This goose on the loose

So I went to observe Mrs.Goose

What I did not notice in the grass

It was Mr. Goose 

He would not let me pass

When he saw me 

He thought I entered his boxing ring

These stupid geese 

They get mean every spring

He honked

He hissed

He showed me his wings 

But I'm not into boxing geese

In their boxing ring

So I yelled 

I clapped 

With harsh words I would speak

This was not the day 

To get pecked by his beak

He honked even more 

He tried to talk 

I think he was trying to tell me off

Here is what he spoke

If he could speak you see

Hey buddy, you want a beak of me?

Look goose I'm not wrestling you

Like you are a wild hog

Yo Mr. Goose

I'm trying to go on a peaceful jog

But the goose would not listen

So I resorted to plan B

I spread my arms out wide

As wide as they could be

I lifted my leg up

Like I was the karate kid

Then I growled like a bear

And roared

Yeah that's what I did

My voice screeched

With my arms wide

His wings were out 

This goose is going down

There was no doubt 


I looked tough 

I looked strong 

Make no mistake 

But when I lunged at that goose

He retreated into the lake

I yelled 

I pointed 

I dished out some verbal abuse

I said yeah swim away you coward!

In your face Mr.Goose!

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