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What Planet are They From? Part II

Last week a man in Gastonia, NC was arrested at Planet Fitness. He went into the women's locker room stripped naked and asked a teen to shower with him.

Well Planet Fitness is back in the news

Actually some guy there was in the nude

In their stance about gender they like to cower

So now there's a man in the women's shower

He was asking to take a shower with a teen 

It's judgment free if you know what I mean

This problem it seems they will not confront

But hey you are only paying $10 a month

There are many more like him, he is not alone

The man said, "I thought this was a judgment free zone"

My advice is don't wait for another guy to strip

Before you cancel your monthly membership 

At Planet Fitness in their judgment free mission

Men can get away with pretending to be women

This kind of stuff really gets on my nerves 

As they stand for nothing and pander to pervs 

Yes they will lose some business to competitors

That is what happens when you welcome predators

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