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Chocolate Covered Raisins on Highway 465

On 5/19/22 Indiana State Police reported a semi trailer hauling peanuts and chocolate covered raisins hit a structure holding the highway signs. The crash left raisins and peanuts scattered across the road.

I turned on the news

I heard the anchor say

There's chocolate covered raisins

On the main highway

Tell Hazmat to stand down I'm not trying to cause strife But I've been training for this Really my whole adult life I heard it through the grapevine But my lunch I did pack

I would have driven there

And enjoyed a free snack

I would have been grazing

Like cattle normally do

I would be down on all fours

Not caring who knew

I know it sounds desperate

I might look like a fool

But I truly believe

In the five second rule

I would have taken pictures And posted on my blog

I would have brought celery

And made ants on a log

Those chocolate raisins

Could fill many bowls

But maybe just maybe

They could fill our potholes

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