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Every Rose City has its Thorn

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Here in the land of Portlandia Starting to feel more like Zambia 90 days of protests and riots Even some of the media denies it

Hey Portland, I saw some fires in your stores Can we come down and roast some s'mores? From the street fellows I heard some bellows I think I will pass on those marshmallows

I don't know much about Mayor Ted Wheeler Is he like Biden? A sniffer and a feeler? Whether he's a sniffer or not I'm smelling a rat A do nothing mayor while Portland's leveled flat

Molotov cocktails and injuring cops with lasers I guess they feel like the true Trail Blazers Listen up all you Portlanders To these thugs why do you pander?

A weak mayor and governor not tough And 90 days later he now says enough? Another building goes up in flames While Wheeler just plays the blame game

Blaming and blaming I give no pity You are in charge of your own city Maybe act like a mayor and not like a clown And don't expect any help from Kate Brown

Mayor mayor on the wall Who is the fairest of all the brawls? Are you a man or are you a muppet? Or are you just a left wing puppet?

Hey Portland is your mayor home? Did he go away and leave you all alone? Antifas got a bad desire Oh oh oh Portlands on fire

Every rose city has its thorn Every night has another riot on Every thug sings a sad sad song Every rose city has its thorn

Stay out of downtown for your survival Portland needs God and some kind of revival And as we see the Rose City torn Mayor mayor you are the thorn

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