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The Chihuahua From Chicago

There was a Chihuahua from Chicago

He was friendly but tough you know

He would be courteous and polite

But if you crossed him he'd bite

His street name was Santiago

He hung out by West Garfield Park

It was hard to hear him when he would bark

At nighttime in certain spots

All you would hear is gunshots

It happened every evening after dark

There was crime all over those streets

Nobody was handing out doggy treats

This was by no means a resort

North of the Midway airport

And over and over crime repeats

The city was bad and things got nutty

But he still hung out with his buddies

They would go out for pita

Or to meet senoritas

Once in awhile run around and get muddy

There was graffiti from paint sprayers

Santiago's head needed some Bayer

Problems seemingly insurmountable

No one ever held them accountable

Nothing was ever done by the mayor

The mayor helped to defund the police

In Chicago it's catch and release

So bad guys keep on shooting

And criminals keep on looting

For Santiago there was no peace

One day an idea came to Santiago

He got online and checked out Trivago

He booked himself a trip

On a huge cruise ship

For once he got himself out of Chicago

For a week he enjoyed his getaway

In the windy city he didn't want to stay

So when he got his diploma

He moved to Oklahoma

To him that was the most glorious day

He still face-timed his buddies on his phone

He'd send them a care package with a bone

But he had no regrets he left

Not missing the murder and theft

Relieved to be out of that war zone

He missed hanging out with his friend Diego

But staying in Chicago was no bueno

He sure was glad to be gone

From where guns were always drawn

He was willing to take a risk on a tornado

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